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We're quality-obsessed radio programmers and music collectors with decades of on-air experience at top-rated major market stations, networks, and program syndicators. In this company's 16 years, we've delivered over 15,000 music libraries or fresheners to radio stations worldwide, including 21 of the 25 largest groups. Everything we deliver is satisfaction guaranteed!


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Songs for Radio

Radio stations get the best music in the world from RadioMusic's 117,000 songs. Sold to on-air & Internet stations with music licenses ONLY.

What Songs Cost

500+ songs @ $1.25 each. 100-499 songs @ $1.50 ea. 20-99 songs @ $1.75 each. 1-19 songs @ $2.00 each. Less if you mark our lists.

How To Order

Send us your want list. Or pick songs you want from our formats on the next pages. Fill out and return our order form below.

How We Deliver

Download or by mail. Radio versions, perfectly segued WAVEs with an Excel file for music software